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What is a wellbeing conversation and why are we nationally funding a training programme?

The NHS People Plan sets out the ambition that every member of the NHS have health and wellbeing conversations with their line manager or peers, and that as part of this conversation, line managers will have compassionate conversations regarding an individual’s health and wellbeing, and any flexible working requirements, in addition to equality, diversity and inclusion.  For some colleagues, particularly those new to line management, talking to others about wellbeing and supporting or signposting colleagues to further support when needed can feel daunting.  As such, NHS E&I launched a national training programme in September 2021 that aims to upskill colleagues and build their confidence in holding conversations about wellbeing.

This programme, which was co-designed with stakeholders representing a number of NHS organisations, is currently being delivered by trained facilitators from Passe Partout.  The next step of our programme is to launch a train the trainer model in November 2021, in which HR, OD, Health and Wellbeing and facilitation professionals across our NHS organisations (such as educators and clinical supervisors) will be offered the opportunity to become Wellbeing Conversation trainers. This will offer organisations flexibility in delivering training across their organisation in a localised and bespoke way, this further aids longer term sustainability of the training.


You can read more about the wellbeing conversation training programme here:


Who can apply for the train the train programme?

Organisations should identify relevant colleagues to attend who have expertise and experience in delivering training, as well as subject matter expertise to add to their credibility (e.g. an understanding of wellbeing, mental health, HR and organisational development etc).

Trainers must have pre-agreed consent from their line managers to be able to attend the training session and subsequently deliver training sessions across their organisation. They will also be expected to participate in evaluation activities for the train the trainer programme, such as completing a feedback survey and a longitudinal follow up survey. We are offering up to 4 places per organisation on a first come first served basis.  

How do organisations sign up?

Organisations interested in training colleagues in delivering the wellbeing conversations training will need to submit one application form per organisation (see below) on behalf of the named trainers selected.  The application form will need to be signed off by a local executive sponsor, for example your local People Director or HR Director.  All applications need to be sent to Helena Tee at


How is the train the trainer model being delivered?

Once an application has been submitted to the national health and wellbeing team, a response will be issued within 7 days which will confirm the outcome of the application and next steps.  If your organisation is successful, the national team will share details of the available training dates directly with the identified trainers and invite them to sign up to a virtual training workshop. These workshops will run from December 2021 to March 2022 and will be held via MS Teams. 

Delegates will need to attend the full session to be considered as a qualified trainer, the session will last 1.5 hours. 

Your information

We will use the details and information you provide in this form to process applications for the training programme. We will only use it for these purposes. We will contact you and those you nominate for participation, via the details you have provided, only in relation to this programme, in line with our data protection and processing principles.